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Mailing Services

How It Works


Design a Postcard

Choose from hundreds of our custom postcard designs or upload your own. Make sure you leave a blank space on the back side of your postcard for the address and postage. You can refer to our addressing zones diagram for further information. We’ll also display an addressing zone guide as you design your postcard and again during checkout, so you can verify that the address zones are compatible with your design.


Purchase a Mailing List

You also have the option of purchasing a mailing list if you don’t have one already. We’ve partnered with Accudata, an industry leader in marketing information solutions, to give you access to millions of mailing addresses from their extensive database. Simply select your audience, number of leads, geographic parameters and demographic attributes. Based on the criteria you select, we’ll generate a targeted list for you. You’ll be able to view, edit, download and re-use your purchased list for one year.


Upload a Mailing List

We recommend using our downloadable Excel mailing list template, with labeled header rows. We also accept Comma Separated Value (.CSV) and Tab Delimited (.txt) files as long as you include the column headers that match our template. Our system validates your mailing list, highlights any address errors and adds ZIP+4 for more efficient delivery. We’ll also remove any invalid and duplicate addresses, saving you wasted postage. Your mailing list will be securely stored in your Account for later use.


Postage Options

For the fastest delivery, we offer discounted first class postage rates for both standard and oversized postcards. As a lower cost option, we also offer discounted standard bulk rates for oversized postcards. Standard bulk rates save you money, but it will take longer for your mail to be delivered and undeliverable mail won’t be returned to you. Please note that standard bulk rate postage is not offered by the United States Postal Service for standard size postcards.


Processing Speed

We offer both standard and expedited services for your mailing. Using our standard service, your postcards will be printed and mailed within seven days. If you need to send them quicker, we can print and mail your postcards within three days using our expedited service option. We’ll also send you an e-mail to let you know that your postcards have been mailed and your marketing campaign has officially launched.